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Particular property search

Making the right decision is not always easy. Especially when it comes to purchasing of a new property. When choosing a property abroad there are many factors affecting our decision: climate, the mentality of local people and its historical traditions, the level of infrastructure development and, of course, the new property has to be pleasurable and bring their owners only positive emotions.

Based on these principles our team offers a variety of excellent properties in Montenegro that we bring to your attention at this website. On each property presented in our estate database you can always get more detailed information, while experience and advices of our specialists will help you to make the right choice!

Maintenance of real estate transaction

After you’ve chosen a property we’ll arrange a primary check-up of a property certificate at a public notary to find out whether the property has or not any restrictions or encumbrances. Our clients are free to select multiple properties. In this case our team provides documents from the notary office to verify the legal ownership of each property and if the property is the subject to any restrictions and encumbrances. After a positive result the next step is to reserve your chosen property. Notary draws up a preliminary agreement for paying in a deposit that is usually 10% of the purchase price. Paying in a deposit is necessary to confirm your intention to buy the exact property. By this advance payment, you confirm your intentions to purchase the property, and then the property is off the sale list. In case of your refusal from purchasing the amount of the deposit will not be refunded. In case of seller’s refusal from selling the amount of the deposit will be returned to the buyer at the double rate.

Property transaction processing

Preliminary collection of documents, which is required to complete purchase and sale transaction, will be arranged by one of our estate agents in this particular country. After that, all transaction documents will be presented to the licensed notary: certificate of property ownership, copies of valid passports of buyer and seller, payment terms according to the contract, if necessary, a power of attorney and other formalities that apply to the transaction, which should be reflected in the purchase contract. The notary draws up the purchase contract when all required documents are provided. The signing of the purchase contract takes place in the office of the notary in the presence of a certified court interpreter: the contract will be read aloud to the parties and translated into Russian language. Notary, under the current law, is obliged to inform the buyer about all the negative aspects regarding the transaction, as well as their consequences, and to obtain his own consent or refusal of the transaction. The purchase contract will be translated into English and the translation will be stamped and signed by a certified interpreter. A notary shall certify signatures of the buyer and seller under the contract strictly in the presence of certified court interpreter for the English language. All stages of the transaction will take place under the supervision and with the assistance of our estate agents.

Property management

Our task is to make you a happy owner of the property in any country in the world, and to provide the most comfortable conditions for rest and stay abroad. At your request after completing the sales transaction, we can offer management services for your property. In order to get this service you need to sign up a specific contract for the after sale service. This contract is your guarantee to obtain qualified services in all matters related to the operation and maintenance of your property.


Our team is always at your disposal to answer all your questions. If later you will decide to sell your property – we will help you to find a buyer to realize it with a maximum benefit. We believe professionalism starts first with providing you with as much information as possible and answer all your questions. Our knowledge and experience are at your disposal. Openness and trust – these are the core principles we build our relationships with our customers.